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March 10, 2019

2019 Shenzhen LED Display Exhibition Review | Quality Witness Strength, We Will Be Better


The 15th Shenzhen LED Display Exhibition was held in Shenzhen . As the most complete LED display industry chain event in the smart city LED display control system industry, it attracted major domestic LED display control card manufacturers to participate in the exhibition. Xixun Technology keeps pace with the industry, bringing new products, new solutions and new technologies of LED display control cards to the venue, setting off the first shot of the New Year! At the exhibition, Xixun brought smart light pole screen solutions, car screen solutions, advertising machine solutions, small-pitch large screen solutions, transparent screen solutions, and multiple smart display solutions presented in detail at the exhibition, keeping up with the development pace of the smart city LED display industry and the times! In the future, we will continue to maintain a humble mindset, treat products with an attitude of excellence, treat services with meticulous attitude, and treat customers with a sincere attitude. Ingenuity creates products, and quality witnesses strength.

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