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September 6, 2019

LED sign accessories product upgrade | special sensor for lamp post sign finally achieve "7 in 1"


latest company news about LED sign accessories product upgrade | special sensor for lamp post sign finally achieve "7 in 1"  0
Today, smart lamp posts have become a new hotspot in the smart city LED display industry. The 7-in-1 lamp post sign sensor has played an important role as an important part of the smart lamp post sign. Are you troubled by the variety but single function of the lamp post sign sensors? Don't panic! The latest 7-in-1 lamp post sign dedicated sensor released by Xixun is a fixed all-in-one automatic ground observation device. The observation items mainly include: temperature, humidity, light, PM2.5, noise, wind speed, wind direction, etc. Meteorological elements (arbitrarily selected items required). Widely used in a variety of environments, such as urban environmental measurement, agricultural monitoring, and industrial governance, in order to collect more abundant and effective monitoring data. The upgraded 7-in-1 lamp post sign sensor R60 has the following functions: 1. Small size, light weight, convenient installation, waterproof and oil proof, not easy to corrode, can adapt to various environmental applications; 2. Wide measuring range, linearity Good, long transmission distance; 3. High-quality data transmission line, high-sensitivity digital probe, stable signal, high accuracy, and fast response speed; 4. Accurate data acquisition system, high transmission efficiency, and stable operation. In addition to smart lamp post sign, it can also be used with community screens, traffic guidance screens and other outdoor LED screen projects that need to display environmental data.

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