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August 15, 2023

News - LED Display Power Statistics Solution

Application Scenarios

    Welcome to Sysolution Live, today we share with you a LED display power statistics visualization display scenario application.


    Function description: The solution is widely used to monitor the electrical parameters and power consumption of outdoor energy-saving LED displays. The power collector is small in size, convenient for outdoor installation, it can offer accurate data, and meets national measurement standards. Users can login to the Sysolution Technology cloud platform to check the screen power consumption, voltage and current of each month to master the screen power safety at anytime and anywhere. The display program release and power checking using the same platform management to achieve the real sense of interconnection.


    Implementation principle: the screen uses the Y50 control card connects to the RM1257 power statistics collector via RS485 serial port, the control card collects the data and pushes it to the Sysolution AIPS cloud platform via Internet cable or 4G wireless to check the power data in real time.

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