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August 28, 2023

News - Synchronous LED Video Processor

Welcom to Sysolution Channel, today will introduce our synchronous LED video processor products.

S50 is a type of synchronous video processor,it connect to laptop through HDMI cable. while this USB debug cable for the screen configuration.

When remove or not connect this USB debug cable,the software canno tdetect the S50 and ther eceiving cards.
So please plug the USB debug cable in the S50 rear panel,then open ledset software and setup the screen connection.


This is our LED show room screen,divide into 4 parts,using totally 20 pcs of receiving cards.
After setup the screen connection,LED screen wil display in norma landwill show the laptop desktop.while S50 also supports to scale the display image,when we adjust by knob then the display image will change in the same time.




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