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October 10, 2019

News - The fusion of technology and art, Xixun Technology perfectly presenting the flowing "LED Light Screen" Release date

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At 8 p. m. on October 1st, the 70th Anniversary Gala was held in Tiananmen Square by Zhang Yimou as the general director. Xixun Technology assisted BOE and Auroled to create the world's first foldable "handheld LED light screen" wonderful appearance! As night fell, A hundred miles Chang'an Street became a gorgeous stage. 3,290 mass actors each held a light and shadow screen, which together constituted the breathtaking themes of "The Lofty Great Wall", "Flying Kite", "Flying Peace Dove" and "Flying Five-Star Red Flag", showing the great leap of the Chinese nation from standing up to being rich and strong. BOE's foldable "handheld LED light screen" IoT display system solution using Xixun technology control card, showing the unique charm of LED display technology to the world! So how is such a shocked visual effect achieved? The creative team proposed a creative picture of "Peace Dove", the BIT team first digital simulated the picture with a computer and put it into a two-dimensional scene, dismantling and refining it into 3290 modules (each module representing a LED light screen). Under each LED light screen, there is a Xixun Android control card E16, content storage device and player to present the picture in the memory through wireless. After that, the key frames and point-in-time of each module were determined according to the flying trajectory of the peace dove , and compile the training manuals such as formation changes and performance passwords for 3290 actors. Actors only need to hold up the LED light screen and keep position correctly without any operation on the screen. In the end, 3290 LED light screens together to form the huge colorful light and shadow patterns. Equipped with the world's leading Xixun asynchronous Android card E16 and AIPS messaging system, for the first time, 133,800 frames of content are quickly delivered to 3290 screens in a short time, and 3290 screens are unified video switching using wireless LORA technology to ensure the screens integrity and coordination with live music and lights. Originally, the directorial team designed 4 programs, 8 minutes of performance, but finally changed to 90 minutes, this also brought unprecedented difficulty to quickly deliver tens of thousands of large video materials to the control card in a short time through wireless 4G. At the same time, it is necessary to realize the complex shift of more than 3,000 screens, ensure the overall restoration of the video, and the video wireless control to achieve millisecond synchronization, which is undoubtedly a big test for the current LED display technology. In order to overcome the difficulties, Xixun Technology established a "Problem-solving team" under the guidance of R & D director Yang Zuodong, stationed in Beijing and strictly control each control card, through repeated communication with the experts of Unicom operators, the material design professor of BIT, the technical experts of LED display factory and the experts of the wireless LORA module, discussed and debugged the products day and night, overcame the difficult problems at the critical moment, and together created an unprecedented visual feast for the 1.4 billion Chinese people. Each component on the LED display is independently researched and developed by Chinese enterprises, which fully reflects the development of LED display technology in China and gradually approaches the world's advanced level. The perfect presentation of the National Day celebration, in addition to the first-class high-tech, there are many unknown heroes silently paid for this feast. 3290 members, 87 days of closed training, 120 people support teams provide service of 7 * 24 hours, more than 4000 sets of handheld LED light screen equipment ... everyone is telling their love for the motherland with their own actual actions. It is precisely because of your efforts that this perfect celebration can be created. Thank you very much for the perfect cooperation between BOE and Auroled display manufacturers and Xixun Technology. Countless days and nights we worked side by side, and finally turned the beautiful ideas into a perfect realities. The pressure and difficulties encountered during this period are unimaginable. Xixun Technology pays tribute to every hard-working staff, and to our great motherland! Finally, special thanks to the leaders of the National Day Celebration Command, all the expert teachers, the director team, the Blackbow team, the BIT team, the Auroled team, the BOE team, so that technology and art have once again achieved a perfect fusion, and for the motherland’s 70th birthday dedicated to a beautiful, splendid, world-class celebration, let the world witness the Chinese miracle again!

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