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March 14, 2022


SDK for Android based controller | XIXUN-SYSOLUTION

Sysolution SDK fits for android system based controller Y08, Y12, Y50, Y60, Y70, M60, M70, M80, L10, L20. 

In order to understand the customized development solutions of sysolution controller, let's know the existed sysolution applications inside of controller in advance.

first of all, sysolution controller contians 4 core applications:

cardsystem:this is core application, it is the basement of all underlying functions, such as turn on/off screen or adjust brightness and so on.

conn:this is communication function, keep the communication between controller and web portal
xixunplayer:player function, for display all contents.

update:updating function, for update core applications.

(1)APK solution: directly develope third party APK, this is the most flexiable solution, which means customer can develop own APK and running in xixun controller, no need to use xixunplayer. xixun company will provide jar package to call functions like adjust brightness. while for communication, customer can choose to communicating with own server. must to uninstall xixunplayer in advance then install own APK.

(2)Realtime solution: All controllers must access to realtimeServer (running based on nodejs) via internet, while customer's web system or other software can Post specified format data via http protocols to realtimeServer to display, so the realtime server forwarding data, keep communication with controller through conn application. All types of interfaces have been encapsulated ready, customer can call directly.

(3)Websocket solution: customer needs to develop own server, using wss protocols to keep communication between controller and the server, but using the same interfaces as ledaips2.0 platform, which means replace the ledaips2.0 protal into your own.

(4)Gateway LAN TCP solution: this is a fast development solution, take controller as server side, adopting asynchronism socket; there is no command answer during sending file, only receiving an answer from controller side before and after sending file; using LEDOK express USB playback function to export the program and then sending to controller via TCP way to display.

Please click this link to get Sysolution SDK


 download the SDK directly from :

Common Q &A regarding the customized development

Video tutorial for Realtime server: 

RealTimeServer  Environment Setup


RealTimeServer Send Program Instruction Tutorial:

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