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March 14, 2022


Windows Software:

  • LedOK Express


LedOK Express VERSION New features LOG
LedOK Express V1.4.0[Windows ver] 1. Add dynamic border function
2. Fix the bug that the IP address automatically fills 0
3. Update ledset3 0 to 21.6.1
4. Add a play button in the program list window
5. Fix the problem that some videos cannot be previewed
6. Fix the bug of large image loading failure
7. Optimize the automatic compression of large images and convert them to PNG format
8. Add support for screen DPI scaling
9. Optimize window drag experience

1. Add dynamic border function

2.Add the function of stopping broadcasting

Mobile phone APP:

  • LedOK Lite Adnroid

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  • LedOK Lite IOS

latest company news about SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD  1


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